Your Property, Our Pledge

We care for your success

Grant Property Management provides valuable knowledge on improving the functionality of operations in hotels and private homes. In addition to our commitment to providing our clients with quality, consistent care, we are also devoted and passionate about helping you get the results you deserve, and we will work together to reach your goals and milestones. We specialize in property preservation, home rental concierge service, and we care deeply about the individual needs of your business.

GPM ensure the properties we manage are preserved and maintained in a manner that complies not only with investor and regulatory guidelines but also with homeowner association.
About Us

Committed to Excellence

Grant Property Management has over 60 years of experience in the hospitality industry. The colleagues at GPM have collaborated and shared many ideas throughout our extensive careers. In some situations, we assisted one another in training and learning new skills, and we have conceptualized tips on improving and developing the hospitality industry. We have gained experience by working for Hyatt, IHG, Hampton, Choice Hotels, and Marriott. The Grant Property Management Team has directed over 5,000 rooms across the nation, including Atlanta, Georgia, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tampa, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, Orlando, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Houston, Texas, Savannah, Georgia, San Diego, California, and everywhere else in between.
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