About Us

Committed to Excellence

We have experience working side-by-side as managers within the same hotel group or property. We soon concluded that we all had the desire to work in the hotel or property management sector. Our top-line excellence and well-trained teams ensure that revenue always meets the mark. That is why our results consistently beat the industry average. After much deliberation, Grant Property Management was founded in April 2020. Our ultimate goal is to provide management for hotel owners and residential homeowners and facilitate our own respective properties one day.

Grant Property Management is confident that our team will be more than successful for you. Not only are we determined, but we also face every challenge with grit and passion. We are innovative, critical thinkers. 

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional hospitality management experience, while increasing  overall profitability, customer satisfaction, employee aptitude, and retention. 

Executive Team

Brittney Cherry

Director of Residential Management

Brittney Cherry

Brittany has over five years of experience within the hotel industry in addition to multiple years in residential management. Ms. Cherry brings her knowledge and expertise in both industries to the Grant Property Management team as we expand our services to include residential management. Before joining GPM, Ms. Cherry earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management from Savannah State University. She began her career in the hotel industry before moving into residential management she was an integral part of teams overseeing and training residential sales specialists for several management companies throughout Georgia. She was able to capitalize and combine her educational background with her proficiency at customer service from the hotel industry and bring all of that hospitality and skill to her work in residential management. She has gained a reputation for excellence through her ability to manage employees and customers with care, understanding, and integrity.
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