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Home Rental Concierge – Grant Property Management

GPM Home Rental Concierge™

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  • Assure all lighting, tv remote/tv are working.
  • Conducting a final walk through to make sure everything is guest ready.
  • Host welcome new guests to home.
  • Assure key code box is working before guest arrives.
  • Provide guests with a short tour of the home if needed.
  • Host will be contact via text/phone by homeowner 30 mins before guest arrives.
All bathrooms, Wash & Dry all bedding and terry, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining room, Bedroom cleaning
Clogged toilet, no heat with no air conditioning-if above 85 degrees, no hot water, door locks (lock-out), kitchen sink stopped up, malfunction of refrigerator or stove, changing of light bulbs.
Grass cutting of back and front yards.
Specialist Service™ (by request): Pool Cleaning/Maintenance Services, Pressure Wash, Carpet Cleaning and Locksmith

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GPM is committed to demonstrating outstanding customer service to your tenants while ensuring optimal satisfaction for you, the property owner.
GPM ensure the properties we manage are preserved and maintained in a manner that complies not only with investor and regulatory guidelines but also with homeowner association.
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